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There are a million ways (well almost) to use our Million Dollar BILLS. See how some of our customers are using them.                                                    

Pizza Chain
A pizza chain, recently placed an order for 100,000 of the MILLION DOLLAR BILLS, with a discount coupon printed on back. They used them as box toppers and attached one to each order of pizza, inviting their customers to come back and redeem their MILLION DOLLAR coupon.

An advertising agency sent bills to prospects with the message, "I've got a MILLION DOLLAR idea that is just right for your company! Would you like to take a look at it before I take it to your competitor?"
Stock Broker
"Who else wants to make a MILLION DOLLARS in the stock market during the year?"

A Bank
"We have ONE MILLION DOLLARS to loan right now."

Real Estate Broker
"List your house with me. I personally sold more than ONE MILLION."

Personal Use
A gentleman bought a Bill and a Card and put the bill inside the card. On it he wrote..."Honey...You are worth a MILLION to me".
Business Consultant
"I helped seven (7) corporations increase their profits by more than a MILLION DOLLARS last year. Would you like to be next?"
"Did your present accountant make a MILLION DOLLAR mistake on your corporate taxes? Are you sure? Call us for a free audit."
Insurance Agency
"What would happen if... were no longer able to provide for your family? I offer ONE MILLION DOLLARS of protection for only $139/month."

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