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    1758 N. Kingsley Dr., Suite #1
    hollywood, ca 90027
    (323) 906-9041
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  • Commercial Real Estate Loans
  • Business Loans
  • $500,000 to $20,000,000

    If your answer is a Yes to any questions below, contact us today at (323) 906-9041. Do you need money to purchase or refinance a commercial building or property? Do you need money to finance large real estate project deals? Is your commercial real estate loan term due? Do you need money to purchase equipment? Do you need money to acquire another business? Do you need money to grow your existing business? Do you need money to help your business emerges from bankruptcy? Do you need money to pay suppliers or buy materials? Do you require working capital? We provide commercial real estate and business loans for companies that need money for a wide range of reasons. Recent Fundings 1) CRE Refinance (66 bed Hospital) $3.8MM (1st TD); 2) Revolving LOC (AR Line) $3.0MM; 3) CRE Acquisition (Conversion) $1.5MM (1st & 2nd TD); 4) CRE Blanket Loan (2 B&Bís) $1.3MM 5) Revolving LOC, Publicly Traded Medical Comp. $1MM FREE LOAN REVIEW WITH A REPLY WITHIN 72 HOURS! RATES and TERMS ARE INDUSTRY COMPETITIVE

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