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    Apple Montessori Schools
    12 Center Street
    Metuchen, NJ 08840
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    For over 40 years, Apple Montessori Schools have set exceptional standards in early childhood and elementary education. Nurturing the unique potential of each child is the core of what they do. These early years are a critical time for learning and theApple Montessoriexperience lays the foundation for a lifetime of school success.Inspired by the Montessori method, their stimulating and challenging curriculum is adapted to your child's own particular needs and learning pace. Their emphasis on the “whole child” ensures he or she develops social skills, a strong work ethic, creativity, respect, and compassion for others… all in a caring, safe and fun environment.Devoted to nurturing the whole child - intellectually, socially, emotionally, and beyond. It is the core of all they do. By recognizing that no two children are the same, our approach cultivates the unique potential of each and every child in a caring, safe, and supportive school environment.For more information or details on each of their locations, check them out on theirwebsite.

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