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  • Clothing Store, Jewelry, Women's Clothing Store, Vintage Clothing Store, Used Clothing Store, Thrift Store, Clothing Stores, Fashion Accessories Store

    Urban Americana
    1345 Coronado Ave, Long Beach, CA
    E-mail: Robert Nelson

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  • Antique Store, Consignment Shop, Used Furniture Store, Furniture Store, Vintage Clothing Store, Home Goods Store, Collectibles Store, Interior Designer, Plant Nursery, Antique Furniture Store

  • Located in the Zaferia Design District in Long Beach, Urban American is cooperative twist on antique stores and interior design. Our mid century 16,000 square foot warehouse is filled antiques, collectibles, vintage clothing, furniture, and a plant nursery. This space was created to for the betterment of small businesses involved in supplying the surrounding communities with high quality and unique home goods.

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