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    4821 Lankershim Boulevard,Suite F-244
    North Hollywood
    E-mail: Tino Grigoriou

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    Singing Pro is an online vocal studio founded by Tino Grigoriou in 2013. Vocal studio offers online singing lessons over webcam for student of all level, style and age. They have been training students across US, Europe, South America, Asia and Caribbean. Highly educated and experienced instructors at Singing Pro have trained students in many different styles like Pop, R&B, Country, Rock, Broadway, Jazz, Gospel and Doo-wop. They offer vocal training to aspiring singers which helps them improve their singing skills. Singing requires a lot of vocal control; instructors teach various vocal techniques to help singers hit the right note. They also have various vocal exercises for singers that enhance their singing and helps build confidence in them. At Singing Pro you can teach yourself to sing from the comfort of your home. They are extremely affordable, saves both time and money. It offers free introductory lesson to help you get started. For someone looking for online singing lessons in and around Los Angeles, Singing Pro is the best among all. They offer customized lessons that can help you sing like a professional. Singing Pro is dedicated towards providing high quality online singing lessons to student of all level and style.

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