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    You are all so stuck on he said she said, you cant see the forest for the trees. I am not a Democrat or a Republican. I am not a Clinton, Obama or Bush fan. Certainly not Reagan as I think the blame for the NeoCons lies at his feet. Cheney, Rumsfeld and many ohters got their start in that administration. I call them RepublicRats and I think they are all corrupt windbags only interested in staying in power and lining their pockets. There is not much difference beetween the two parties. Theyd like you to think there is. This mess has been brewing for a long time. I am ready for an alternative party one that will value people and the environment equaly with profit one that changes the corporate charters. A true government for the people. One that changes the electoral process and campaign financing. Give us run-off voting already. I am for smaller government. But I am for a more effective government. The FDA should do its job and not take money from Big Agra & Big Pharma. The EPA should be in bed with the coal, nuclear, chemicals industry and big cattle ranchers. The IRS shouldnt favor the rich and the corporations. You want to make it fair then lets switch to a consumption tax. The more you spend or can spend the more you pay. Savers get rewarded for making capital available for investments. Real capital not fiat money. The Federal Reserve is the biggest crime against us. They should be abolished. Who in their right mind once they know the facts about the feds would want to keep it going? And I am against the empire building military industrial complex. They are bankrupting us. Rome and england couldnt do it and we are idiots to think we could. Lets close the bases, mind our own business and bring all troops home. We stop messing with people and they wont be so pissed at us. We should just do what weve agreed to do and We should not covet other peoples stuff. Until then we cant call ourselves the richest nation, we are actually bankrupt, the healthiest, that a farce were the fattest. The only thing we are number 1 at these days is locking up our citizens and 80% of them are for drug related/prohibition non-violent crimes. So dont educate people and dont have a vibrant economy because we are too busy fighting wars all the time and then lock people up and dont rehabiliate them either. The private prison industrial complex is a big business and they need return customers for their shareholders. Nothing to be proud of a far as I am concerned. But I still have hope.

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