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    24891 County Route 53
    Watertown, NY 13601
    E-mail: M. Disario

    Our specialties:

  • Now more than ever....find out what really goes on in the secret world of military helicopter rescue!
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  • Enter At Your Own Risk!!! Dustoff is the real life account of Mike Disario's most harrowing missions trying to save the lives of countless GIs and civilians. WARNING: This book is very graphic and not for the faint of heart. For the first time, Mike allows us to enter the secret life and death world on the most dangerous missions you can imagine. This book is guaranteed to hold your attention while it shocks you, inspires you and permanently alters your perception of life. But don't listen to me. See the world through Mike Disario's eyes as he arrives at a military aircraft crash site at the Leach Lake Air Force Bombing Range in 1982 in the Desert of California... I realized almost immediately upon the helicopter's departure that I was alone in a desert valley full of unexploded bombs. I gave my attention to the F-4 that was burning no more than 300 yards from me. No sooner had the helicopter departed than the flaming wreckage began shooting off its highly explosive anti-tank rounds. The exploding rounds were flying all around the desert floor. I found a small boulder, the only cover around, and crouched behind it... or as he approaches a medical emergency in the desert of Kuwait, 7:00 A.M., May 5, 1992... The voice came in with lots of static and was very faint, but the request was unmistakable and the news was not good. As we rushed to the helicopter we listened to the details of the request on a portable radio. The information coming in from the request site could no have been any more shocking, even to me! A crew of five laborers under the supervision of an English explosive's expert had been loading explosives that had been sitting in the desert for almost three years. The desert's dry climate and wide temperature could cause many of these explosives to become unstable... These incidents represent only parts of two harrowing missions that Mike lived through. In total, Dustoff chronicles more than a dozen mind blowing missions spread across the four corners of the earth. One satisfied customer had this to say about Dustoff: Dustoff is the best book I have read in 10 years! From the opening paragraph, Dustoff blew me away with its honest portrayal of living in the balance between life and death. From Desert Storm to Edwards Air Force Base, Mike has traversed the globe under some of the most difficult and dangerous situations imaginable. After finishing the book several weeks ago, I still find myself reliving the missions and feeling extremely thankful that my life does not require me to put my very existence on the line day after day. I challenge you to find a more compelling, shocking and unforgettable book than Dustoff! Bryan Rundell, Small Business Owner/Geologist bryan@rogueinvestor.com Listen! You can either read the boring, predictable books that are written every year or you can take a unique journey into a world you will never forget We are positive that you will agree that Dustoff is one of the best books you have ever read. To back up our statement we are offering a no questions asked money back guarantee for a full 60 days. If you do not agree that Dustoff is an amazing and unique book, simply send us a note and we will refund your money. In this exclusive offer, Dustoff is available to Internet customers only at the amazingly low price of $9.97! Copyright 2001, Mind Like Water, Inc. 7419 Metcalf Ave. #321, Overland Park, KS 66204, (913) 381-4520, info@mindlikewater.com or http://www.mindlikewater.com/

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